Email Security Webinar #4 about DNSSEC

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Zimbra’s Barry de Graaff and Randy Leiker from Skyway Networks team up for a webinar series focused on Email Security. These hands-on webinars will include practical how-to information and best practices to help you maximize Zimbra security.

In this fourth episode of the Zimbra Email Security Webinar Series, join us to learn how DNSSEC prevents DNS hijacking and forgeries by an adversary, preserving the trust and integrity of your DNS records. Included will be a step-by-step walk through of setting up a domain name with DNSSEC, along with best practices. DNSSEC is also a prerequisite for another important email security standard called DANE that will be discussed in an upcoming webinar series episode.

Here are the slides from the DNSSEC webinar.

In case you missed any of the previous webinar episodes, they can be viewed here:

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