This is to address questions that can’t be addressed in the Charter.

Q. Is this a fork ?
A: No, no, no. Everyone involved has clearly expressed, a fork would be the worst possible outcome.

Q. Is Zimbra Inc. involved?
A: [Update] Yes, there are Zimbra/Synacor employees now within the Founders group.
We also hope other companies within the community join as well.
[please subscribe to https://lists.zetalliance.org/mailman/listinfo if you want to be involved.]

Q. What about zimbra.org and existing zimbra.inc resources?
A: As of 2021 we have adopted the Zimlet Gallery that used to be available via zimbra.org/extend and gallery.zimbra.com.

Q. Who sponsors the Zeta Alliance?
A. Currently our webservers are sponsored by XMission. The mailinglists are sponsored by Connectionpoint GmbH. Our mail server is sponsored by Barry de Graaff. Past sponsors: Reliable Networks Inc, Zextras Inc.

Q. Why the name Zeta ?
A. We needed a name to get the Alliance going and one that would be free of any copyright issues until we could resolve the question of Zimbra Inc. wanting to be a co-member or not. If they do, then we can reconsider the name of the Alliance to better suit the project. Although, this will probably involve many, many attorneys and we’ll cross that bridge when we need to.

Hall of fame

Here is a list of persons who have contributed a large amount of personal time to the Zeta Alliance, the Zeta Alliance is very, very grateful for your help!

  • Filippo `Cine` Cinetto – founder, life-time honorary member
  • Adam J. Cody – founder